Safety, reliability and strong family ties have always been the three core values for "Anijet e Sherbimit Detar" sha which is a company founded in 1998. The company continues it's succesful route to the top because of the experience gained from the demanding projects in salvage as well as towage operations that has led the company to be a significant player in affshore marine services. Here in "Anijet e Sherbimit Detar" we see our client's satisfaction as a priority, while our office employees aim to continuously develop and retain our competitive advantage that is high-quality services and always a smooth cooperation.

Towing service fees that apply to all open ports of the Republic of Albania are as follows:


Up to 1000 GRT                         150 Euro


1001 - 2000 GRT                        200 Euro


2001 - 3000 GRT                        350 Euro


3001 - 5000 GRT                        500 Euros


5001 - 7000 GRT                        600 Euro


7001 - 10000 GRT                      760 Euro


10001 - 15000 GRT                    950 Euro


15001 - 20000 GRT                    1100 Euro


20001 - 25000 GRT                    1300 Euro


Over 25000 GRT for every 5000 GRT 200 Euro added above 1300 Euro


Ø Towing service is obligatory for all ships carrying 'dangerous' and lubricating materials, as well a racism essay as for other goods and passengers with a capacity over 1000 GRT.


Ø For Ro-Ro and Passenger Towing, is applied a 20% discount on basic fare.


Ø For towing vessels loaded with 'dangerous' goods and fuels is applied an additional 20% of the basic fee.


Ø For the towing of the vessel without the aid of its machinery, is applied an additional 50% of the basic fee.


Ø When the ship moves from one quay to another it is paid 100% of the fee.


Ø The fee for putting the tugboat on standby (assistance) is approved at the rate of 40% of the basic fee.


Ø The fee for services and towing of the ships outside the ports is approved at the rate of 1000 euro/hour.


Ø The fees set out in this order are for the time when the services are performed from 07:00 to 17:00. When services are performed from 17:00 until 07:00, on Sundays and official holidays, an additional 50% surcharge fee is applied to the basic fee.


Ø Ships carrying 'dangerous' and fuel fuels over 130 ml in length and freight vessels over 140 ml have the duty of serving two Trucks for inbound and outbound ports regardless of whether they have bow thruster.


Ø The towing service is calculated according to the time of work performed on the basis of the approved tariffs "For one hour or part of the hour". Each part of an hour is calculated as a full hour. The working time is calculated from the moment of the tugboat's movement from the start-up base and ends at the moment of its return to the base.


Ø For the performance of rescue operations, it is operated on the basis of a preliminary contract provided verbally or in writing.